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Funding Futures

$25 Seed- Buys 1 kids racket

$100 Seed- Provides 4 hours of expert tennis coaching for 10 Kids

$250 Seed- Will enable us to test a child's reading and math skills and develop an individualized curriculum for that child

$500 Seed- Provides travel and lodging for out of area tennis tournaments for (2) tournament level students

$1,000 Seed- Enrolls one child  in our Classes for Excellence which provides 10 hours of individualized tutoring and small group tennis instructions

$5,000 Seed- Provides a local school with 6 months of Tiny Tennis Tots Program, bringing the children once or twice a week to SST to learn Tennis and develop social and tennis skills

$10,000 Seed- Underwrites an annual college visit for up to 5 top student/athletes in our Classes for Excellence Program, to spend time at several colleges outside the Tampa Bay area and launch their college aspirations

3 Ways to donate, all donations are tax-deductible:
1)Sowing Seeds Tennis
   PO Box 13761
   St. Petersburg, FL 33733 

2)Cash App: $sowingseedstennis

3)Donate button below

Items needed: new tennis balls, new or used tennis rackets, barely used tennis shoes, barely used tennis bags, and Tennis Ball Machine


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Privacy Policy

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Contact Us:

Sowing Seeds Tennis: P.O Box 13761, St. Petersburg FL, 33733

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